Higher efficiency and stability of the production
In the increasingly fierce market competition, papermaking enterprises are facing more challenges, such as: the increase of raw materials price and production costs, the difficulties of production equipment operation and maintenance, safety and environmental protection requirements.

SUPCON takes its own expertise and products to help paper companies improve their market competitiveness from the perspective of instrument selection, control system optimization, factory informatization and so on.
Realize safe and reliable factory informationization with supPaper
supPaper provides an overall solution to the information construction in papermaking industry of living paper, cultural paper, packaging paper and so on. Through the unified factory model and integration platform, the solution realizes the multi-dimensional information solution of data integration, production management, equipment management, energy management, quality management etc.

At the same time, the solution adopts standardized and unified software platform to ensure the security, confidentiality and stability of customers.
Automatic start-up and efficient control with supHeadbox
The control of Headbox mainly includes total pressure control, liquid level control and slurry net speed ratio. There is a coupling relationship between total pressure control and liquid level control, so it is important to solve these control difficulties to guarantee the quality of production.

supHeadBox solution can effectively solve the difficulties in the control of the headbox, maximize the control accuracy, significantly improve the production process, and realize automatic startup, improve production efficiency and stability.
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