Complete process control for variety material pulp
SUPCON has the experience of pulping control and success application for variety types of materials such as wood pulp, bamboo pulp, straw pulp, bagasse pulp and waste paper pulp, and meanwhile our solutions for pulp line cover the whole process including preparation, pulping, washing, screening, bleaching, alkail recovery, water treatment etc.
Ensure the Stable Product Quality of the Cooking Process with supDDS
DDS(Displacement Digester Systems) is a pulping method which can greatly save the consumption of steam. SUPCON's supDDS field instrument solution has effectively solved many difficulties in the cooking process, such as the exchange of high and low temperature of the process medium, the situation of solid and liquid alternating in the level detection, the phenomenon of solid-liquid mixed impurities in the control valve, etc.

The DDS process optimized by supDDS solution can achieve more accurate cooking ingredients, more stable product quality, and more long-term and stable operation of field instruments, which greatly reduces the cycle of plant shut down and maintenance.
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