Optimize Your Pipeline Operations
Successful decision making of managing the capacity, inventory, and storage in the transportion of gas or liquid is the key to keep up with changing market demands and maximize the profit. Undetected pipeline leaks, unplanned equipment shutdowns, work efficiency of compressor station, pump station, etc., have great infulence on transportation costs and safety production.

Working with SUPCON, you can improve pipeline reliability and safety, achieve more efficient operation,and get better profit.
Find SUPCON for One-Button Startup Solution to Maximize Your Operational Efficiency of Station Control
Based on SUPCON SCS (station control system) and UCS (unit control system), A simulation system of compressor is built to test compressor surge, multi-machine parallel load and other unit features of compressors in advance offline. Correct parameters were confirmed though simulation and test.

When running, with one push button, SCS automatically completes all the process including charging, auxiliary system startup, motor purge, station circulation, compressor unit start, automatic loading, anti-surge control, load distribution, transmission in sequence with no human intervention.
Improve Your Production Safety and Compressor Performance with our UCS Solution
UCS (unit control system) is an important system in pipeline prodcution. Based on key technology of anti-surge control and load distribution, SUPCON supCCS solution ensures your safe operation and Improves operating efficiency.

Considering of the dealy control in long distance pipeline, a step control of pressure and flow is used for UCS. After inputing the set value, the unit rises gently with no shutdown risk and little disturbance to the pipe network, which greatly reduce the adjustment time and workload of operators.
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