Effective control and optimization
Iron & Steel industry has significant characteristics of large quantity of production units, complex process, high difficulty of control and so on. SUPCON has proposed unique industry automation solutions for customers in Iron & Steel industry.
Full Process Optimization for Iron & Steel Industry
Based on the advantages of its products and solutions of process automation and the experience of senior industry expert team, SUPCON optimization control solutions for the Iron & Steel industry include: optimization control on sintering process, blast furnace monitoring, heating furnace control, coke oven gas collector, and optimization of rolling mill product quality, covering the whole process of Iron & Steel production units such as sintering, coking, blast furnace, continuous casting, oxygen production, industrial furnace, etc.

At the same time, through the whole plant energy efficiency assessment and monitoring program, SUPCON will help the customers to achieve the real time production energy consumption, and to optimize the energy saving.
Safe and economical use of gas with supBOMG Soluton
supBOMG solution is mainly applied to the optimization control of gas mixture pressure of Iron & Steel industry. Generally, Iron & Steel plants mainly produce three kinds of gas, coke oven gas, blast furnace gas and converter gas, and these three kinds of gas have different production characteristics, and calorific value. supBOMG helps to use the mixed gas more economically, safely and stably.

By optimizing the ratio and making full use of converter gas and blast furnace gas, the usage amount of coke oven gas can be reduced, and the balance point can be found dynamically according to the actual situation to ensure the stable, safe and efficient production.
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