Safely increase
the production performance
The production process of coal chemical industry involves complex material changes, diverse process parameters, and strong continuity of production process. Therefore, more and higher challenges have been put forward to the control of production process.
Improve clean utilization of coal
The coal chemical industry mainly has three industrial chains: coal coking, gasification and liquefaction. Through the transformation of the industrial chain, coal can replace oil and natural gas to produce chemical products and oil products, so as to achieve clean utilization of coal.

Coal gasification is the core and key technology of the whole coal chemical industry. SUPCON has experienced industry experts to support on the understanding of the production process technlogy, and with the help of our own reliable products, SUPCON can provide industry-specific solutions to help the customers on the unique challenge of coal checmical industry.
Optimize blending management for coal gasification
The stable quality of coal is the key conditions in the coal gasification process. The quality of coal is of vital importance to the efficiency, safety and environmental protection of production.

The supGCB (gasification coal blending managment solution) can effectively process several different types and properties of coal into the most suitable mixed coal according to a certain proportion, and provide the best solution for the choice of coal quality and coal type.
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