Ensure the sustainable development with renewable energy
With the increasing demand for energy, the consumption of fossil raw materials, resource and environmental protection and other issues, human gradually turned more attention to renewable energy. Adhering to the concept of sustainable development, SUPCON actively applies its automation expertise and products and technologies to renewable energy.
Optimize the Combustion Control for WTE
Waste combustion is an important challenge for most of the WTE customers, therefore, SUPCON introduce Automatic Combustion Control (ACC) Control scheme for WTE industry.

ACC control scheme can take a better control of the main steam flow by controlling "inlet air volume" and "waste volume", and adjust the flue gas residence time by optimizing the furnace temperature control, so as to ensure that the flue gas emission meets the standard, and achieve full combustion and improve the production efficiency by optimizing the oxygen supply.
Maximize the sustainable source for renewable energy
Natural organic and biomass fuel is a kind of sustainable renewable raw materials. With the fully utilized of these resources it will provide a more reliable guarantee for the supply of human energy.

With the continuous development of biomass power generation technology, SUPCON has made full use of its own high-quality products and technologies to provide the most suitable automation solutions and professional services for many biomass power generation enterprises, including wood products, bagasse, palm, wheat straw or dried vegetation.
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