Optimize the banalce
of safety, efficiency
and energy usage
Petrochemical customers are most concerned with maximizing the production efficiency without sacrificing safety, which requires professional control solutions to optimize energy efficiency while ensuring safe production and product quality.

Based on numerous successful experience of large-scale petrochemical project like thousand ton oil refining and megaton ethylene project , SUPCON think that to solve enterprise existing problems in daily production and sustainable development, the intelligent plant construction solution is necessary to improve enterprise production and management mode and efficiency, to achieve maximum benefit.

For the intelligent plant solutions of petrochemical enterprises, SUPCON stands on the perspective of users ato apply intelligent control schemes such as production control, energy management, supply chain management, equipment management, safety and environmental protection management in key production links or processes to improve the intelligent production of enterprises.
Maximize the use of energy for the safe production of diversified products
The production process of the petrochemical industry usually has high temperature, high pressure, flammable, explosive and other dangerous conditions. At the same time, the diversity of products make the production process extremely complex, which puts forward high requirements for the control of the production process.

SUPCON provide reliable products and professional solutions to petrochemical customers, which can help producers maximize energy efficiency and produce stable products at a lower cost while ensuring continuous and safely production.
Improve the safety management and operation of the tank farm with supTM Soluton
supTM greatly reduces the risk of misoperation by improving the level of automation in the tank farm. At the same time, supTM collect and integrate all kinds of information in the tank farm on the basis of real-time database, and integrate the production, materials, tanks, early warning, alarm and other information into the integrated control platform.
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